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8 SEO jokes

SEOs have never been known for their humour, but that's not fair! Here to prove that we can be as hilarious as anyone are eight of the best SEO jokes around.

Maybe you're looking for an opener for your next conference, or maybe you just want to entertain your colleagues on a dreary afternoon. Whatever your SEO humour needs here you go.

Q. Why didn't the html webpage go to the party?

A. He had no <body> to go with!

Q. Why are pandas and penguins so good at dancing?

A. Because they have great algo-rythm!

Q. Why are Google webmasters so bad at sports?

A. They give away too many penalties!

Q. Why are trampolinists so poor at conversion?

A. Their bounce rate is too high!

Q. Why was the zoo banished from Google?

A. It was caught buying a lynx!

Q. How did Googlebot celebrate its birthday?

A. It went on a pub crawl!

Q. Why do SEOs hate the dictionary?

A. The descriptions never include the primary keyword!

Q. What’s an SEOs favourite film?

A. Backlink to the future!

Q. How do you know if you've found the real Yeti?

A.Check the abominable tag!

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