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What is Baidu?

Baidu is the most popular search engine provider in China. The company also provides several other popular services to the Chinese market including an encyclopaedia, mobile operating system and the social network Baidu Space. The company was founded by computer scientist Robin Li in 2000 and has led him to become the richest man in China.

Search market share

Baidu makes up around 80% of the Chinese search engine market with Google China behind on roughly 10%. Other Chinese-based competitors Sogou, Qihoo  share the bulk of the rest. Baidu, according to the Alexa report, is the most popular website in China and the fifth most popular website in the world.

Baidu's focus on the Chinese market and their ability to provide the best search experience for the Chinese language has put them ahead of the competition in the world's most populated country. Commentator's claim that Google has struggled in China due to their  global focus and lack of ability to adapt well enough to the language.

More than just search

Baidu offers almost 60 search and community services that range from an encyclopaedia, Baidu Space (their popular social network),  a games platform, eCommerce platform, a smartphone operating system and a travel booking service.

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