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What is a blog?

A blog is a regularly updated collection of pages (or posts) on a website, usually about a specific topic. In the early days of the internet, 'weblogs' were a popular way for users to keep a journal online. More recently, blogs are a powerful content marketing tool used by businesses to prove their expertise, update customers and target long tail search traffic.

The SEO benefits of having a blog

Showing off your authority

Blogging is a fantastic way to prove to both users and search engines that you are an authority in your topic area. Expertly written, well structured, relevant and quality blog posts will attract backlinks, social shares and repeat visits which will all improve the overall authority of your domain and go towards the goal of establishing yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.

Long tail keyword targeting

A blog is a great place to target long tail keyword phrases in your topic. You should use on-page SEO optimisation techniques on everything you write, however, don't fall into the trap of stuffing your posts with keywords and writing for the sake of the search engines – you'll soon be found out.

Instead, use keyword research to discover the queries your audience wants answered and satisfy them with well researched, grammatically accurate and useful blog posts.

Staying fresh

The more frequently you add new pages to your website, the more frequently the search engines will stop by to crawl. Updating your blog often is a great way to make sure that your whole site is getting regularly indexed. It'll also give you a greater chance of ranking for more keywords. Just make sure you prioritise quality over quantity!

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