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What is body copy?

The body copy of an HTML document is the text contained between body tags.

Separate from the <head> tags, which contain information such as the page title, meta information, scripts and styles, the body copy is contained between <body> tags and is the part of a document which a user reads. This is where the vast majority of on-page SEO optimisation takes place.

Body copy in print advertising

In print advertising, body copy is the text of an advert excluding the headlines. HTML body copy, including email HTML, generally refers to the  same, but tends to include the sub-headings underneath the main title as well as the paragraph text.

Structure of an HTML webpage

<!DOCTYPE html> – This tag tells the browser that this is an HTML document.

<html> – Opens the HTML code.

<head> – Opens the head, which contains information about the document for the browser, including title and meta tags.

</head> Closes the head.

<body> –The body tag opens the body of the document, which contains the content that will appear on the page including text, images and hyperlinks.

</body> – Closes the body of the document.

</html> – Closes the document".

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