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What is page load time?

Page load time is the amount of time, measured in seconds, it takes for a page to load in the browser. Google considers page load time for desktop and mobile as a ranking factor in its algorithm.

How can you reduce page load time?

To reduce page load time on your site it's important to know exactly how a webpage loads:

  1. The user clicks a link, enters a url or submits a form
  2. The user's browser, for example Chrome or Safari, makes a request through the network to the server where the url is located
  3. The request is processed by the server
  4. The server sends a response to the browser
  5. The browser starts receiving the page to download (this is the time to first byte)
  6. The browser parses the code, loads the page and renders the content visible to the user
  7. The requested page becomes available in full on the browser

This whole process usually occurs i less than a couple of seconds, but Google have noted that a half second delay can lead to as much as a 20% drop-off rate. To ensure your pages are loading as quickly as they can you could:

Page load time as assessed by Google can be monitored in the Google Search Console.

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